In 1911 at this very location a revival tent meeting took place…

In 1915 the official ground breaking for Belmont Church took place.

Now one hundred + years later in that same location, a grace filled community of broken people continues the journey to wholeness as Apprentices of Jesus.

Living passionately with Jesus means inviting Him into every aspect and moment of our life, and this passion is born out of a personal encounter with the living God. It is a life of unashamed freedom. It is a life lived out loud. It’s more than words, it’s who we are.

Walking in community is where we are safe, yet challenged – free, yet bound to one another – where the one becomes the whole. Community is a place where we begin to discover not only who we are, but who we were created to be. Community is where we support others and find support – where we help and are helped. Community is walking with others who are going where you want to go. This is where No One Stands Alone. Belmont is one large group comprised of many small groups.Belmont offers a variety of community groups throughout the greater Nashville area. Groups based on affinity, service and core studies. Our community groups are either short term based, meaning time duration of six weeks in length; or they are more traditional, where a group of people have been walking together for years, doing life together. Either way, there is a place for you.

Serving to Advance God’s Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is the one subject that Jesus spoke of most… He didn't speak of serving a church or serving a political movement… He didn't politely nod at well-intending humanistic morals…

Kingdom reality came breaking into humanity through the person of Jesus, the Christ. The kingdom of God challenges the proud and calls out to the fallen. The Kingdom of God turns everything upside down with hard truths like, "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first."

The Apostles of Jesus? They didn’t see the Kingdom the first time around either. They asked Jesus questions like: "Who will sit at your right hand when you take over? When is your government going to begin leading? Where’s your army? What’s my place going to be?" Honest questions from earnest, sincere men, but they are questions that will not lead to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus came proclaiming the Kingdom of God from a lowly place; God became human flesh. His birth was first announced to shepherds, men who were considered dirty and unworthy. He was born in a manger; his earthly parents had to leave family and home to keep him safe and alive. He worked with his hands as a carpenter. He experienced every human emotion and temptation. He chose to walk with and pour his teachings into common men, fishermen and outcasts who would in turn rock the world with this Kingdom message. He sat down to dinner with the dregs of society: lepers, prostitutes, the sick, and the lame, and He chose to give them hope, comfort, and love. He came to heal, restore, and redeem. It was Jesus who said, "The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve."
He compels us to do the same.

Humility and Compassion…Justice and Uncompromising Love…they serve to advance the Kingdom of God.