Every Day Leadership

Join Phil Boeing as he leads this study group. You will be challenged and inspired by scores of Biblical accounts / testimonies, focused on the amazing potential we have to lead and influence others throughout our daily lives.
Come ready to share your experiences, let’s hear the Lord and grow together!

Wednesday / 6:30 – 8PM / March 27 – May 15 / Chapel / all welcome!

For more information contact philboeing@gmail.com
Free childcare: register with Carla Jones carlaj@belmont.org

Alpha @ Belmont!

Join Rae Wheeler and experience Alpha, so that you can lead a future group!

Alpha is run all around the globe, it’s a 10 weekly evangelistic course that’s set around a meal. Each DVD talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.

Alpha needs 2 types of people to make it work; one to host, intro & facilitate small group discussion / one to quietly pray, befriend and support. If you are interested in playing a role on our team, join us!

Wednesday / 6:30 – 8PM / March 27 – May 15 / Asaph’s / all welcome

For more information / register for the meal, contact: rachelw@belmont.org

Check out Alpha:https://alphausa.org/

The Purple Book Course

This discussion-based Bible study examines the scriptural basis for our foundational beliefs as Christians. Ideal for new believers and those who wish to be re-inspired! Purple Book provided.

Wednesday / 6:30 – 8PM / March 27 – May 15 / BCR / all welcome!

For more information contact mimid@belmont.org

Free childcare: register with Carla Jones carlaj@belmont.org

Mom to Mom

Belmont’s parenting group for mothers of young children. Join us Thursday mornings for our parenting video series & small groups led by mentor moms.

Thursday’s / 9:30AM-11:30AM / Living Room / last session May 9.

For more info, contact Joyce Heil, joyceheil@comcast.net

Free childcare: register with Carla Jones, carlaj@belmont.org

The Way of Blessing study group

Learn how to bless others and the local community, through this DVD series by Roy Godwin. The present course has ended, if you are interested in attending a future study group contact Rae: rachelw@belmont.org

Grace Outpouring & The Way of Blessing books are available at the Resource Desk.



Belmont’s Youth Ministry. We have many groups you can connect with:

Sunday: Bible Study / 7-12 grade / 9AM / Caleb

Sunday: Bridge 56 / 5-6 grade / 9AM & after release from Worship Service / Castle Room

Wednesday: Mosaic Youth Worship service & breakout groups / 7-12 grade / 6:30PM-8PM / Koinonia

Wednesday: Bridge 56 Bible Character movie studies / 5-6 grade / 6:30PM-8PM / Castle Room

For more information contact Paul: paulo@belmont.org