Is Belmont a Church of Christ, as it reads on the stone work above the Chapel?

We are a nondenominational church. Belmont Church was birthed in 1911, over 100 years ago, as Belmont Avenue Church of Christ. Our historic roots are in the Restoration (or Stone-Campbell) movement, in the churches of Christ. In the 1970's, when Belmont embraced the Spiritual Renewal that swept across denominational lines, we dropped our affiliation with any denomination and changed our name to Belmont Church.

What does it mean to be nondenominational?

Belmont Church believes strongly in unity among Christian churches, Christian leadership, and Christian believers. In order to open the doors and tear down the walls, we have chosen to be known by one name-Christian. Actually, we like to refer to ourselves as Apprentices of Jesus, because that is what we are doing, learning how to live like Jesus lived. The leadership of Belmont walks in unity with Christian leadership throughout this city and country, and our membership is open to all Christian denominations.

Is your pastor from a Church of Christ background? You mean our pastors?

No. Actually the team of pastors is from a diverse cross-section of denominations. We have pastors with Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Assemblies of God, Episcopalian, Catholic, and Charismatic backgrounds.

How many members does Belmont have?

We have approximately 300 people who attend on Sunday.

How can I learn more about Belmont Church?

When you are a guest at one of our gatherings you can simply find anyone wearing a lanyard around their neck, call our office 615-256-2123 or email info@belmont.org and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and show you around.

What if I want to find out even more and possibly become a member of Belmont Church?

Contact community@belmont.org and we will see that you get the necessary info about all the ins and outs of everything that happens at Belmont Church. We have Community Groups, World Outreach, Social Justice, Children & Youth Ministries and opportunities to help you in your own apprenticeship with Jesus.