We here at Belmont want to be a people who seek a habitation for the presence of God through our prayer and worship.

Belmont Church - Prayer

We want the relationship with our Father to be one of intimacy and communion. We seek to have our hearts focused on Him and to have an ear to heaven that we may pray according to His will. In doing this we find ourselves praying the scriptures as well as prophetically declaring to this world the word of the Lord, so that we may move the immovable and plow the way for the next generation.

We are called to be a people who stand in the gap not only for this House, but our City, Nation and the Nations. It is in this place that we here at Belmont choose to make this a house of prayer for all that God wants to establish in this season.

We are excited about all the Lord has been doing here at Belmont . In 2004 we gathered in a room where books are stored behind our Conference Center and began to pray. As we continued to meet we discovered that this room had been the center of community years ago.This was a place where college and interracial groups as well as others meeting were held. What a privilege to have a place that can be used for prayer, worship and community gatherings which we are now calling The Living Room.

If you are interested in becoming apart of our prayer community, please contact us.