Our Core

Our Bylaws reflect our mission, beliefs, and governance structure.

Belmont Church 2019 Quarterly Financial Statements


The Belmont Church distinctives have been embedded by the Lord as a special DNA strand for Belmont Church.

~ The Word of God as our ultimate authority

~ Celebratory and intimate worship of the Lord

~ Walking in relationship in community/small groups

~ Experiencing life in the Holy Spirit and current-day spiritual gifts properly balanced with the study and application of God s Word

~ Generosity: lavish giving to God’s purposes

~ Pursuit of a lifestyle of discipleship and prayer

~ Being a reconciling force in the body of Christ

~ Impacting our culture for Jesus through music and the arts

~ World outreach focused on the "10/40 window" and un-reached people groups

~ Ministry to the poor, widows, and orphans

~ Being a sanctuary where the wounded may be healed and grow to maturity

~ Commitment to Israel and the Jewish people

~ Baptism by immersion of believers and weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper

~ Commitment to nurturing marriage and family life