Our Future

Above annual projects and measurable accomplishments, we desire our community to provide an environment that opens the way for people to see who God is, to experience His kingdom in our midst, and to encounter His life-changing presence through worship. We want to be a safe place where diversity is celebrated in our quest for unity, and where people of all denominations and walks of life receive God’s grace.

Our vision for Belmont Church encompasses more than where we are going. It begins with who we  are and who we hope to become.

We choose to embrace others without condition, appreciating that a culture permeated by grace promotes truthfulness and honesty—not a false grace that tolerates sin, but a genuine reflection of Christ’s love that invites the acknowledgment of sin and frees others to confess one to another and to repent toward God-ward intimacy, spiritual growth, and a fullness of life.

At Belmont, we want to remain a people who grow in the love of our Father, and from that love, persist in doing the works of His Son.  We value the primary ministry of Jesus—to bring good news to the afflicted, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to comfort those who mourn.

It is our heartfelt prayer that Belmont Church become a place where heaven touches Earth—a visible expression of God’s kingdom life and a living proclamation of His word.