Discipleship:  Jesus commands us to make disciples and this happens in Community. Discipleship is something we intentionally seek to form in your life, relationships and marketplace activities through a variety of opportunities. Scroll below for our current list of Discipleship opportunities.


When Jesus sat down to eat, amazing things happened:

People were healed, miracles were witnessed and social barriers were broken.

What if we could have meals like Jesus did?

We have an amazing team of teachers: Mick Antanaitis, Angela Wittenberg, Lisa Long, Randall Morgan, Paul Olson, Charlie Newman, Sylvia Peterson & Brenda Barker

Also happening on Wed night:

Birth - Pre-K: weekly activities + snack & playtime. RSVP: carlaj@belmont.org

K - 4th Grade: Sep 6-20: Lessons on psalm 23 Sept 20 - Dec 6: children’s school of worship. RSVP: sylviap@belmont.org

Bridge 56: grades 5-6 meet weekly on the 3rd floor grades  bridge56@belmont.org  / Youth: 7-12th grades: meet weekly in Sozos. Corner room opens @ 5:30PM  paulo@belmont.org

College/ Young Adults: Kinfolk is the tribe of dreamers, creatives and visionaries at Belmont Church (18-35 yrs old). We want all who join us to feel like they are part of a fun, loving & healthy family. / Koinonia / joeym@belmont.org