Creative Arts

The Arts @ Belmont

Belmont Church also has a rich history in the Creative Arts including dance, videography, painting, and more. As we surrender every facet of our lives to Jesus in worship, we encourage and equip artists of all kinds as we strive to see diverse artistic expression spring up in our community as we worship Jesus and serve our community.


Visual arts have played a key role in followers of Jesus expressing worship throughout all of church history. We highly value the unique expression of worship that visual arts bring to our community. Therefore, we feature live painters during worship several times a year and offer other outlets for artists to share their creative gifts with our community.


"Let them praise His name with dancing," - Psalm 149:3

We are integrated beings with a body and a soul and a mind. We believe that dance and creative movement express worship to and adoration of God in a way that music alone cannot do. Therefore, we regularly have dance incorporated into our worship times and we encourage spontaneous dancing before the Lord for anyone in our congregation who feel inspired to do so.


A huge part of engaging with our culture is participating in digital media. We have an incredible team of talented volunteers who mix, record, video, and livestream our Sunday services and many other events that we host on our campus. (If you want to volunteer, click the button below to email David Terry.) We have also produced several video series over the years and have recently started producing videos for our homegrown worship songs.

Artisans & Craftsmen

We cherish the value that artisans and skilled "makers" bring to our community as well. We have multiple creative groups that meet together on a regular basis and we host a "Christmas Marketplace" every year in December which features the work of our artisans to support their work and encourage our community.