Why We Worship

Worship and the Arts

We believe God alone is worthy of worship and we find our true fulfillment when our lives are given completely to Him.

Our Worship Leaders

Belmont Church Music & Creative Arts is a diverse collective of 6 worship leaders and 50+ musicians, artists, dancers, and media volunteers. Alan Terry is our Worship & Creative Arts coordinator. He oversees the vision of the group and the day-to-day operations.

What We Do

On Sundays, we aim to worship God in Spirit & Truth: to offer our attention and affection wholly to Jesus. We do this primarily through music but also through live painting, dancing, videography, and other forms of creative expression. Throughout the week, we write music, lead worship at smaller gatherings, and connect with our community in a variety of ways. Many of our worship leaders and volunteers engage in the music industry in Nashville as songwriters, professional musicians, and industry executives.

Our great desire is to impact our neighborhood and our city for the Kingdom of God through music and the arts. We take this seriously and count it a blessing, praying for wisdom to be fruitful and effective.

Get Involved

If you are a musician or a creative and are are interested in joining our worship & arts team, please fill out the form below!