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Basics: The children are cared for on the lower level of the main building. We would love to have the children for the entirety of the assembly, so we can settle in for a morning of bible class, music, play, and lots of hugs!

Ages: Infants (6 weeks) to our Terrific Two’s (turn two by our promotion date of Aug. 1)
Location: Lower Level, Main Building
Duration: For the entire assembly
Pick-up: All children should be picked up promptly after the assembly.


"O God, you have taught me from my earliest childhood, and I have constantly told others about the wonderful things you do!"  Psalm 71:17 (NLT)

Basics: Location: Lower Level, Main building
Duration: During the entire assembly
When: Sunday Morning during our service
Pick-up time: All children should be picked up promptly after the assembly.

Curriculum: Our nursery and toddler curriculum was developed by "Palma Smiley" and is a music enriched, hands on Bible story curriculum that teaches the same lesson for 8 weeks at  a time. This is great for planting the word of God into little hearts!

Preschool - K

"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God!"  1 John 3:1


Location: Lower Level, Main Building
Duration: 45 minute class session (3’s through Pre-1st grade)
When: When dismissed from the assembly (or following preschool worship for Sunday 3’s-K)
Pick-up Times: All children should be picked up promptly after each assembly.


Our 3’s to K’s active-ly, relational-ly, tasteful-ly, experiential-ly and fun-ly grow in their relationship with Jesus with Group Publishing’s "Hands On Bible".

Since young children learn by doing, what goes on in the classroom needs to be active, interesting, and, meaningful to the child. Using this philosophy, we teach preschoolers and Kindergartner’s using Group Publishing’s "Hands on Bible Curriculum." The preschool department of Belmont has adopted this material for use in weekend classes and Wednesday night childcare. Children will learn scriptural concepts through activities and creative projects. Each concept is taught for four weeks using different Bible stories and activities.

Grades 1 to 4
Location: 3rd Floor, Main Building
Duration: second half of assembly.

When: Upon dismissal from Worship Center (following worship.)

Grade 1: First-graders will have a "toadally" fun time as they gather around Paradise Pond to learn what it means to fully rely on God. Inhabitants of the pond, including Oakley the talking tree and Fred the Frog, teach the children about who God is through stories in the Old Testament.

Grade 2: 
Welcome aboard second-graders! The HMS Gospel will "sail" your child through a chronological study of the life and times of Jesus Christ. Captain Braveheart, assisted by an adorable family of ship rats, will take the kids to different ports of call in Jesus’ life.

Grade 3: The Mission to Planet Earth is a journey through the book of Acts and the lives of great historical missionaries. Third-grade cadets will receive help to discover their life’s mission including what it means to be a Christian. The classroom, Starship Redeemer, captained by Ambassador Lightbearer, provides an adventurous setting for this important mission.

Grade 4: Using the setting of an archaeological expedition to the Holy Land, the fourth-grade children gain a basic understanding of the Bible. Led by Dr. Bones and sidekick, Eureka, archaeologists uncover "fabulously rare" artifacts relating to Bible stories at each dig site. The ultimate discovery is that Jesus is the Sacred Door and their hearts are the keys to opening this Door to eternal life.

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