Faith Promise

Faith Promise is Belmont Global's giving program. It has been 21 years since we as a church family decided to believe God to do the miraculous through us to enlarge Belmont’s capacity to take the Good News to the Nations. Since that time, you have given $8.83 million dollars and supported over 75 field workers around the world!

Your faith promise is a commitment between you and God. Belmont Global does not record your name or keep track of the amount you commit to give. Here’s how it works:

Ask God how He wants to partner with you to support Belmont missions in 2018 – even beyond your ability or means.

Give Him your promise to believe that He will provide the amount you decide.

Write your promise on the a Commitment Card and turn it in during the offering.

Believe God! Pray! Give! And share your testimony of what He does through you!

Thank you for your continued faithful support.

Faith Promise is our way of supporting our missionaries financially.

A Faith Promise Is… a vow you make to God – not to the church and not to the field workers.

A Faith Promise Is…an exercise in faith over the stewardship of your finances for World Outreach.

A Faith Promise Is…your response to His request.

Steps to make a Faith Promise:

Seek the Lord through prayer for the specific amount He wants to make available through you for World Outreach in the coming year.

Ask the Lord to help you walk by faith and grow into a faithful steward based on his provision.

Trust God's counsel about the amount that you are to give. He will give you His zeal with His wisdom.

Become more personally connected to the field workers. You can contact the field workers to encourage them and to get updates on their ministries.

Collection of your Faith Promise Response Card will begin during February of each year. You will have specific opportunity to do this during the Faith Promise Campaign.

Designate your Faith Promise gifts by earmarking them "FP" to differentiate them from your regular giving. Or, you can give online here. Your regular offerings will continue to support the entire church budget including the World Outreach office and administration.

Keep track of your gifts - since this is a vow between you and the Lord. This is not a pledge for which the church will hold you accountable or which the church will even individually track.

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