The Cohens (Guy & Tali)

Akko, Israel

Harvest of Asher (Katzir Asher)

​Restoring the first century Messianic community in Akko.

In 1998, God revealed to Guy His heart for the restoration of the altar of worship to Yeshua which has been absent for over 2,000 years from Akko, part of the unclaimed inheritance of the Tribe of Asher. Harvest of Asher, a daughter congregation of Tents of Mercy, was dedicated in 2005. It is a Messianic congregation of Jewish and Gentile believers in Akko that began with a small home group, humanitarian aid, prayer and intercession. It is a place to bring restoration, healing, salvation and fulfillment of the destiny of the Nation of Israel, her people and her land. An altar of praise and worship was built in the northwest gateway to Israel to provide a place where God’s Presence will linger. The heart of the Cohens is to reach the poor and needy in cooperation with social services, the municipality, and private institutions, as well as the local Soup Kitchen and Center for the Blind.