The Koelewijns (Cor & Grace)

Tororo, Uganda

Heart for Children, African Theological Seminary (International Christian Ministries)

Serving orphans and providing Biblical education and Church leadership development to pastors and other church servant leaders.

Cor and Grace are leaders of the Heart for the Children NGO where their goal is to create a healthy positive Christian environment. Through this ministry young orphans may find a safe home and get all the assistance they need. In everyday life this comes down to food, shelter, clothing and a good Christian education.

Additionally, in 2016 Grace (daughter of David and Zipporah Omalla) took over the leadership of the African Theological Seminary in Tororo, Uganda, upon her father’s retirement from that position. The Koelewijn’s vision is to see existing church leaders of the Ugandan church be equipped to preach, teach, and disciple the people of Uganda in the Word of God, by the Spirit of God, and for the Kingdom of God.