The Lovells (Larry & Connie)

Papua New Guinea

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Translating the Bible & promoting literacy for the Minaveha people of Fergusson Island in Milne Bay Province.

Since 1986 the Lovells’ mission has been to partner with the Minaveha people in completing a language program. In 1992 they began a vernacular literacy program which continues today: Minaveha teachers teaching Minaveha students to read and write in their own language. In 2009 the Minaveha New Testament was dedicated, and since then it has been in use in churches and homes. That same year translation of the Old Testament began, and in 2018 that translation and a revision of the New Testament were completed. Currently the entire Minaveha Bible is being checked for consistency and spelling prior to its typesetting, publication, and dedication. The final phase of the language program calls for revision and publication of technical treatises describing the phonology and grammar of the language, and publication of the Minaveha‒English lexicon.